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poor. impulse. control.

Hiro Protagonist
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i'm not what you think i am. ever.
i promise.

i have NO FRIENDS LIST for a few reasons so please don't be offended if i don't 'add you back' as i have zero 'friends' in LJ...but i'm painfully honest, always, and too lazy to bother to lock posts; my life is my life, i have nothing to hide so since i have no locked posts, a friends' list isn't necessary...i do read and comment when i can, however, so please add me if you like....looking to launch my own blog so i may not post too often here, but will update with new blog site when it's done...

ex-weapons tech. & sharp-shooter for Canadian military
record label dictator
industrial punk
ex-computer g33k
tour manager

i am a lot of other things,
but really i'm just a girl...


i'm slowly learning photography...more on my flickr account

i mod dorkottawa and industrial so if you wanna ask about either of those 2 communities, send an email instead of spamming my personal LJ, deal?

if you're looking for playlists [which i RARELY take note of but trying to do better to post], music stuff, DJ info., live dates and all that, what's there is on my non-personal journal _harshreality_ that i really SUCK at updating

i DJ every Tuesday @ Zaphod's in Ottawa..coming up on 18 years now; North America's longest running Industrial/Underground Electronic night...been DJing since 1988.

the Harsh Reality site itself is still down for maintenance, no ETA for now....

-DJ leslie


please, don't...
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